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People we need to talk about this Maryland shooting in my life/years in newspapers.

I got to talk about this.

Just got a text from hubs acknowledging a Floridan’s relative had died in Maryland from the shooter in Maryland to those newspaper people.

10:03pm June 30,2018:

Holy **! (Writer)Carl Hiaasen’s brother was one of the 5 journalists shot in MD!


My condolences to the Hiaasen family.

It was 1990 and I was in Kissimmee working for a small b-weekly newspaper. I used to get threats all the time in my office and then I could use to lock the door after I tell them to leave. And then in 1992, when I was working for a small daily way north of Tampa, I had a few people threaten me after covering the school board hearing. But the closest I’ve ever come to anybody threatening me is what I was working in the Orlando area.

Go online in your history and look up Saint cloud cross on city water tower. It’s the same Internet is I have.

I had fundamentalist Christian evangelical banshees , I had everyone saying to me quotation marks if you don’t print my way find out what happens”. Then I went home and lock the door I watch TV with my face near the car

that was what I call my fun year. Then Murdoch bought all the newspapers in England and started buying that stuff in the United States, I got out . and went into education because I like the hours and I wanted to teach riding in the first place.

Who is the most a good run except when I found out recently that one of the editors to give you a hard time now lives in local children live. What would worry the temperature of you when I do business in a minute I found that out, and the minute they destroyed the building I had a whole picture of margaritas. It’s the anniversary this coming week and I am still thrilled.

No, before you say a dangerous or anything like that, the hardest thing and the best thing anybody could anybody let anybody do is let them live because there are a lot of petty things in life get your crazy even more crazy than anything. Let them live through it. They’ll have deadlines and traffic lights to have annoying things happen, you name it I’ll have it.

But if anybody ever asks me, the most hostile people I ever met in my tire life used to work for the temperature being. Nobody murdered them they just lost their job, and they lost their building! The good old boys who gave me trouble are gone. Like for instants my roommate went to interview there once. She was very attractive and had long brown hair. “Meet me for dinner the editor says to her “. Then after much avail he starts asking all kinds of personal questions since the federal government does not want anyone to ask, luck honey do you have a boyfriend and stuff like that.I don’t know what she did but I think she put a major EEOc complaint against them. The whole place is full of people like that! Oh boy boys old southern boys was they were running the joint.

I’m sorry from Marilyn’s trouble but I’m glad those SOBs no longer have a job I job. They no longer have a building other wiped off the face of the Tampa map.

Yeah, there were points in danger but not that many. My guess is this no matter what they tell you in the newspapers and media. I have a feeling that this guy really pissed a few people off and they pissed him off. No safety precautions were made and the war continued, and so shots were fired .

So, we’ve had shots in my first career choice and violence and the high school. Yeah, it could’ve been me but take precautions out there people.


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