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Hey super Catholic people: give this a serious thought and take this test!!!

Hey folks. I’ve had a long day. My car is in need of repair again. How would you last?

I am in no mood to play. So I have decided to take to the faith and tell it like it is.

No, while I was waiting for the battery to charge with our battery charger that we have, I decided that I was in one of those trolling moods. Honestly, I went to the number 1 Troll Pl. that I can go to: the National Catholic register. But, instead of my usual sparring I found this test. Hey, even better!

It is a test of everything that you need to know about the Catholic Church or afraid to ask I don’t know actually. I dare you super Catholic people to take this test. I got a 183 on mine which means most of mine were 94s and hundreds

There were like 20 areas and a serious amount of testing in this test.

What does my 183 mean? That I know my stuff. No I’m not a bishop or nerd or anything but I’m a nice let married woman here in my church.

I dare anyone including any local bishop to take this test. I expect them to get a couple points higher than me.

I’ve had jammed up my ass that I don’t know gibberish diddly squat about the holy faith. Well try me again and I’m sick and tired of them. I know I’m not the only one to say this.

I’ve had enough and here it is.I dare authors and those on the freaking retreat circuit in the Catholic Church such as: Lisa Hendey , Danielle Bean, Jennifer Fulwiller and other people like that to take this test. I dare them.

Also there anybody or any crazy person out there on the retreat circuit to take this test. You should know better. I don’t like you because I think a lot of parishes could do their own retreats. I think that’s a money-saving episode that they need to encounter. I also think that you all need to go back to regular life. I said again: you need to go back to regular life and a regular living just like the regular people that you’re stealing from every weekend. Your witness would improve because you’re in the middle of it all like the rest of us. Need to stop spending all that money are playing fair in those obscure places& go back to your families. Yeah, go back to your families that you’re boasting about & take care of them!

I need to tell it like it is. Meanwhile, take that damn test because most of you don’t know what you’re doing. I hope you do well because I don’t think I’m expecting you to do well but hey who knows?

Got that?


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