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I spoke my mind on Twitter last week. # Told The Truth . Now to tell you what’s really going on almost! Take my catholic Christian marriage endurance test here.

There is so much going on in my life right now. But, I’m not like those crazy Catholic bloggers who need to be on the retreat circuit all the time to garnish money from parishes. They don’t need to be paying me.

I question those people this: have you ever worked a regular real life job? Never been successful in the job?

I would never do that anyway. I think that’s highway robbery what a lot of them charge. Even if I did publish a book I will just have them pay pay my way down in about cut try boom done. Honestly, I don’t think people should be making a living off of preaching the gospel.

On the other hand I can’t stand the hip-hop culture that says F f this and censored that I feel like a stand in the middle of it all and I’m sick of it.   The hip-hop culture uses people. I am against that . It was that hook up hip-hop culture and one of the clients who bought into that was the reason why we were left out in the cold and in the dark two years three years ago.  The X client and his friends had a sex run main Miami.  The locals shut them down.

He wrote us a bad check on us and that was our expenses and we were just starting and well, we were without lights for a couple months. Yes, we were without lights and there was no one to help us and we endured it. You should’ve heard platitudes the church chats and bloggers gave us then.  I can just hear those little girls who use men for their money and I’m not serious about their marriages step in their feet about this one, if they were me. Immature brat women.

Again, we’re going through a whole lot lately in the last six months.  But nothing was as bad as that one. I lived through it.   I adore it. I married 20 years. That’s my trophy.

Not like it matters or anything. It’s the usual stuff but not as bad as that was. What I like and what I think is hilarious is that all these church people think everything should be so right so prosperity gospel of that standard. It’s not! It will never be like that.

You are a grown up if you can endure like us. Tell my cousin and the other eight Fla Catholic Bishops conference I’m going to give you a test to see just how right set up you can endure!  Yes, US CCB here is my test for the immature women that you should give before they are married. Give them this maturity test. But, most of them don’t have the brains of the you know what size to get married in the church. .

Sizzle that one!  Tell them if they want to be me that he to take this test and see how they fill up fast. And then they need to be honest about how they respond to what I’m asking here are putting before them.

Well, that would be nice but it just seems like I would like to see those same bloggers and anybody else in the middle of our crap storm right now. I don’t think they would lose I just sit there and I ask myself what would they do?

I’ve been married 20 years next month.

I’d gamble a night out to say that many of them would not stay married after what I’ve been through. Did I think they’re better than me? Yeah! Take my test first!


OK so let’s give everybody a test add points if you say yes and you’re as good as me. Not saying you’re bad, but add points for each thing that you say yes. Please answer honestly. Do not take this test if you do not have at least one college degree. Go and get one. Then come back and take this test. “This is the how I would I endure this Fla crap storm test.”

What a college degree? You need to have at least two if you want to be me. I have two college degrees.

If you guys the bishops want to know what brought this on, I will tell you who it several years ago I got trolling with a bunch of ladies wer if you guys do bishops want to know what brought this on, I will tell you who it several years ago I got trolling with a bunch of ladies  on  there.  At least 45% to 70% of them claimed that they homeschooled their children. And some of the responses seem like they were in not in good mental health.  All they did was complain about their parishes. Relax with a better word, I question what is it going all their information about things. Trust me, not a good mental health.   They drove me nuts and I probably drove them nuts.   GAnd I’m sure if you tell me you want to go to Susie’s drive them nuts and likewise .

Then enter in the novel after church people who give responses that I hear after church some days when they’re trying to be polite, when you know darn well that they are not trying to think about what they say.   I like and hate the word will they sit there and look to straight straight shot and they go “ oh dear”.

( If you answered no to all of them please consult your local health care or mental health professional as soon as possible).

  1. OK first things first.
  2. If you are me you have to suffer all that I have to suffer. I have two cars neither of them work right now. How do we get around? Uber rides and Taxis. I must’ve spent a fortune on Uber rides and that stuff. . Since I don’t use credit cards ever except for prepaid debits, that is how we must use to get around. I like to buy things and pay for things in bulk all at once and not have to make any payments on anything. Trial and error  in the past has made me be like this it’s a long story. But, it seems that in the next few weeks will get our car fixed! At 25 points positive if this is what she would do. Oh yeah, I haven’t had a working car since Halloween. -50 points if you would bitch and moan constantly and to force your husband to endure your nagging because of this. -100 points towards her superficial score if this would bother you beyond the beyond.  I will watch you fail if you should ever gets the same thing happened to you.
  3. Why didn’t we get it fixed? I have everything else going on in this crap storm. I didn’t want to go to a mechanic and have Bubba had a truck tell me that it was going to be zillions of dollars when we didn’t need what he said it needed. This is Fla and they have a tendency to rip you off beyond the beyond.My husband right now is very post op. Being with of diabetes that made him very postop. All his toes on his right foot are gone because to diabetes! My husband was running around a lot on a knee scooter and hearing all kinds of platitudes from church chat people all at the local level and we just didn’t want to hear any bad stuff or negative stuff from a mechanic. We will get it fixed and we are going to be very patient people and the longer I wait the better I am.

What do I know and think that’s wrong with it? Well first of all, has a flat tire that’s 100 bucks. Second of all I have to switch the registration that car from the other car that no longer works also. Then, we had to get and renew AAA. Combine that with a lot of Uber rides a taxis to the local registration Florida place. I love a major expense. Then comes after the AAA a tow truck to get it to the mechanic. Though we might not need to do that if you charge the battery it’s just behaves very strange. When you stop at a stop light after you charge the battery, it’s flips gears. So, add a new transmission to the whole bother.

It may not need a new transmission it races when you stop the whole electrical system went out in 2014. Last trip we made was to West Palm Beach to go visit the priest who married us or was at our wedding. That was after the probate court signed the papers on this house., I have had a car for the last three years that was touch and go. This is why we haven’t gone anywhere. Any long time reader of this blog or the or the previous one knows that we went on a lot of road trips. I hate car lots and I hate rip offs. And that’s the reason why my mood is such about this whole car crap storm. I can’t stand some mechanics and car salesmen worse than the devil. I hate car payments worse than anything and haven’t had a single car payment since 1992. I hate the idea of being ripped off. You will not do it to me I will have the upper hand. Not to have one is true freedom if you agree with me add 100 points you are like me. If you don’t agree if you don’t agree with me, add a -200 points.

Add a -200 points if you would’ve been divorced by now. Add 1000 points if you would’ve stayed in there like me.

You freaky people give up too easily. Yes my cousin is a bishop.    Game on!

Back to the test.

Our pool is no longer green as of last week.  As of last week it was no longer green. It still needs it for nine jugs of chlorine . I want out there to take a picture of the latest development in a chlorinated pool. Seems like Mr. and Mrs. Mallard duck still landed in my pool. I was too busy taking a picture to shoo them a real picture of them . Alfie the beagle also helped . I’m not going to take a picture of the rest of it but my wonderful filter is broken. Yesterday a guy gave us an estimate already $1000 for a new filter. This is after spending $50 of chlorine and stuff like that to get the pool clear.

Here’s the test this Pool hasn’t looked this clear in a while. So I just keep adding chlorine until we get the filter fixed 200 points if you wouldn’t door getting it fixed. -200 points if you would moan and complain about nothing working here. It’s going to be about a month before we get it fixed. The car comes first.

Crap storm! Time to be an adult. Actually folks, I can picture a lot of you out there stopping your feet & folding  in your arms giving the passive aggressive silent treatment all that crap to each other and getting on the phone with your friends! Add 500 positive points if you don’t do that because I don’t do that. I don’t even call my mother about the stuff. Add a net negative minus black hole yourself 1000 points if you do that you’re upside down 1500 points if you do that. Means you’re losing.

Arch your back -3000 points.  Kitchen mom behind your husband back -5000 points .

I’m smiling because God knows if you’re winning or losing only you and God knows this it’s time to take a consideration of how you really deal with each other. And . in my spiritual life my marriage comes before any children or what they’re into because that preserves the family I had of everything else. And that is why am doing this.

OK, I’m saving the best for last. This is my husband’s foot. He walked for the first time in five months yesterday. We went to the orthopedic specialist and he has new shoes so he could walk.

See that scooter or that really think he’s been using that for the last five months. Diabetes is no joke. There’s there was a sore on the bottom of his foot that could a got really infected and the doctor did not want him to walk on it at all. Because he’s a lawyer that meant he could sit down and do his work or work from the couch or even be and do work. Truth is since we work from home a lot of the stuff could be filed online anyway.

Give yourself -500 points, that’s -500 points if you would nag your husband about doing work and not having an office.. I have no tolerance for you piece of lowlifes. I will say it like it is that’s how it is.

Give yourself 1000 points positive if you don’t care how he gets done he just gets it done.

The way I look at it he’s getting better!

How did you do? If it was lotta negative then you need to take a long hard look at yourself and how you deal with your family! No I did not charge a parish for saying that or writing that here. It’s time to take a long hard look ladies and gentlemen how you deal with things. Do not give up so easy!

I am not going to.

Got that!?


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .