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Florida kids get things done! My thoughts on March for our Lives 2018!

I lost a Colleague two months ago. There, I said it. Mr Feist was shot down dead by an idiot with mental health issues. He was allowed to buy a gun. That should not of happened.

Ms. Doris who I also used to work with — where are you? You lost a friend too! And so did the kids we used to teach back in 2007!

It’s my spring break now. Easter is next Sunday. Passover is this weekend also. I have a lot of thoughts after all this happened. I work as a substitute teacher in the local school district here now on over the West Coast of Florida. When this happened I was subbing at the local high school. So, 48 hours after all this happened I started feeling a little bit apprehensive. I walk in a room and I’ll look around and ask myself where would I hide. First answer was the closet. The next answer was where would I had a few kids if something like this happens.

But these kids are for change. They are almost fearless!

Being that I try to do my job first, I did my job. Next was turning on the news and finding out that I had somebody I had worked with once about 10 years ago was killed. I didn’t want to say anything about this because I want to give deference to his family and let them mourn for a couple months and all. But I have to remember that a lot of people over here worked with Mr Feist.

It was about 10 years ago, and I was just finishing my masters degree I had about a year and a half and a summer to go. I was commuting back-and-forth between the Pittsburgh eastern Ohio area and in the Tampa Bay area. Then, I got moved to the school he was teaching Spanish Latino kids. It was a rough neighborhood. He told me that it was very important to lay your life down for the children you serve. He said this because I was having behavior problems with a few of the kids. I can talk about this now because they now in college or they are now.

So there I was at the high school assisting here .When I saw his name there I got the shivers. You see, back then in 2007, all I could see was the end of my future as I was trying to finish my masters and teach at the same time. I was a second career teacher and I wanted to do it the right way. I can remember Aaron saying don’t worry about the right way just give it your all and stand up for these kids. He said something else that really give me the shivers even then. He said something about shielding them from danger.

I want to say one thing: thank you for teaching me all about giving it my all. I’m still a writer, and I’m trying to finish this project this week. I’m gonna give that my always all well. I get done when I get done, as well as the to do list my husband gave me this week. It’s only Monday now, but I learned a great deal. I’m very proud of the Florida kids at Parkland getting things done.

Again, I’m on my spring break with the local school district here and gave me a lot to think about. I didn’t tell anybody about this because I think I do not need to put myself in the middle of it all but it touches me deeply I lost a work friend. It may have been from a long time ago but I lost a work

The gun violence needs to end.

I’m proud of these Florida kids and how they did something in spite of a very bad situation. All things work for good. Their own unselfish spirit means that Mr Feist taught them how to not be selfish and go for the common good.

I should know NOW.


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