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Coffee talk/Florida school shooting 2018 : my point of view . Why can’t they get metal detectors in schools?

I’m on the other coast. There’s not much more to say. When this happened I was walking out waiting for my ride at school. That’s where I was.

All we kept saying is it could’ve been us. But I’m not gonna go on and on about it. If I went on and on about this, it wouldn’t help

Florida is going to have to take some action. Again, the Florida Department of Education and the association of Florida counties and other individuals in this state, along with the legislature must put metal detectors airplane check points at the entrance and exits of schools.

You want them safe ? Until we get more mental health funding and one mental health things with and to help people and implement other safety measures, that’s what it’s going to come to.

Hey, we already have them at the entrance of court houses! It took a long time to get there. There were protests with lawyers and they were protest with judges. But we did it. Every time in the last five years that I went with my husband to a courthouse I had to get ready to take off my shoes do everything else, I put up with it. I I feel safe inside a courthouse I know that justice most of the time rain and it’s not a big deal.

To my now bosses and people if power at my local school district who snoop on my blog:If you think that I advocate anything crazy — any crazy person shooting up people you got another thing coming. I’m not a weirdo, and I hate guns with an absolute passion. I admire people who can hit a deer in the wilderness. That’s fine you want to use that to to to hunt? Five get your 12 point dear but do not come after a human with an armed aren’t weapon. Bring me the damn venison I’ll make the pancakes. I can’t, do not hit a human or human beings or anything that’s protected by the law. There are a lot of judges and lawyers who hunt. But they cannot take that gun it’s at a courthouse. There are a lot of students who hut with the grandpas and their families. But that should not be able to take a gun on our weapon into a school or learning entity.

Hurry up and get this damn Metal detectors and airport style checkpoints in place at the beginning and exits of schools I don’t care how you do it get it done. The loss of life does not have to happen again.

We’ve had enough people! Deal with it we’re going to make some changes as to how things are done in a good way in a positive way and we’re sick of loss of life around this country I’ve had enough as well. I need to get these legislators and lawmakers out who do not want to implement change who want to be pamby I don’t want to do anything.

What’s it going to take people? It’s not like going to the damn moon! Oh, you’ve done that , I think you can do this. Make some changes or face the consequences face the consequences of getting voted out of office.

To my bosses one more time, I am all for checkpoints in and out of schools like the court houses. If my lawyer husband has take off his metal belt to deal with things walking into the schools, then so should we! It may take us a little longer but then will have schools that are safe. We don’t want to go through it but they didn’t want to go through it at the beginning either. It is a government entity and you need to do whatever it takes to protect kids in our public schools. Stop making excuses and just put it in place. Cut drive boom d

Last I heard, they do in California.


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