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I just say it now: my exhaust pipe went on fire this morning on the way to work. Here’s what happened #Funny

Don’t even ask me for a picture of what happened this morning, because even if you were there you would not believe it. I still don’t believe it. I’m still standing. Would you still be standing after this? I doubt it.

I am no wimp! Will let you take a test to see if you could handle this yourself?

We have a very late model Oldsmobile right now that were using till we get a new car. It’s a total trial to try to get the things started every morning. You have to pump the gas. So, I did it this morning like I do every morning. There’s a lot of things wrong with it but it get you from plate point a to point B.

OK, I just can’t stand it I get down the main road she was running very slow this morning. So I get to the bridge that goes over the inlet. Then I hear the screaming at the top of somebody’s lungs. It was like a scene right out of Jon Hughes’s Plains , Trains and Automobiles when the car is on fire and people are yelling at them while driving down the road.

Except, this time it was me. So I pulled over the road which was the bridge going over the Boca Ciega bay and Lake Seminole.

Yep, sure enough the back exhaust had a small little Sparky fire going on. It wasn’t a very big one but I grabbed what I could out of the car and called 911. I asked for the fire department and told him what was happening and they told me to really stand back. While I was waiting for 911 and the fire department, I called work and straighten that mess out. Then I called work again after I got home and after the tow truck I delivered me home safely and got another work ticket.

So almost the entire set an alarm fire department shows up with a fire extinguisher. They put it out finally.. Then, they told me I could drive it because it wasn’t “that bad”. The car is not totaled.

I looked at the lieutenant from the fire department told him that my father-in-law was a fireman. I told him that he had died about four years ago. And then I told him I was laughing because I just knew he was looking out for me. Then, I looked at him and said are you kidding? The way I figured it these guys knew about Fires didn’t know about car engines.

My late father-in-law was a fireman. He worked in the city of Chicago for 30 years. When I got the house after he died or was that before he died? Well, that was one holiday that that Tyler other one on fire. I think these guys like to live dangerously. I knew I smelled smoke and decided to walk away from this scene. So I called the tow truck and had to wait another 40 minutes on the bridge at the top with traffic going by.

It wasn’t so bad. I just didn’t like the idea that my husband’s church buddies gave us this car have no idea how mad I was at them and not the car. How dare they give us something like this that could’ve killed me.

Well guys, if you wanted me dead he didn’t do very good job of it this morning. I’m still alive. I can’t die right now. I mean it.

I have too many places to go and too many things to do.Oh yeah, I will also mention that I just knew some people were praying for me this morning. It was weird .

I’m not gonna say who they were. But I texted them and thank them and told them I was suspicious they were doing so.

At the end of all this I just I finally made it to work. I was laughing because normal regular people would be shaking. I mean it. Wimpy folks would be shaking and giving up on a day like to day . They would’ve made all kinds of excuses as to why they wouldn’t of gone to work.

I was laughing. I wasn’t shaking. I’m not a wimp woman.

Not me. Got that?


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