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The siege of old bad appliances is over! Here’s our new Christmas dishwasher! Read this funny!

It’s gone the old dishwasher is gone!

When the installer from Atlas appliances in Seminole ,Florida, came today it came to this morning I was jumping for joy.

I was not jumping for joy when he removed it and saw a 3 pound pile of sludge beneath it. When my father-in-law built this house he installed the dishwasher that was removed and apparently the rodent that used to live under or does now still live under the cabinets bit the hose and that’s why there was a flood.

So, blame the rat for the flood! A sidenote here, I didn’t directly like taking the old dustpan and broom and pushing all the sludge crap into the dustpan and broom I need to go waste can out to the front of the house where the garbage cans are. It’s a moon thing. Its not scary when you had to do something even scarier earlier in your life.

Trust me even though it’s Christmas post Christmas week and nothing moves in Florida, exterminator is going to get called tomorrow. But even though the cabinets are old and things aren’t the way most people would like them you have to have a board to hold up the side of the cabinet but basically it’s a longer there and other stuff you people who are picky picky picky would not like, I still got a new dishwasher and you have to wash dishes yourselves!

I have been without a dishwasher for almost three long years! This is the last big kitchen appliance that I’ve had to replace before I I have had to replace or will ever replace. I can’t talk about the rest cause I know it’s going to happen and renovation and all that. We’re supposed to be moving in February but I can’t blog about what I know.

Although, I can’t wait to tell everybody what I do know.

Here is the finished product and I put it on sanitizer to wash all dishes that I haven’t really had a chance to wash in a while.


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