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O, the things I would love to write about on here in this blog. But I will save it for other writing avenues in my life. But maybe I won’t. See this.

Our last four years in this house, my hub inherited from my late FIL has not been for the faint of heart or those faint in a marriage.

I’m mature.  I handled it.  I am still here and still married and still winning like a real Wonder Woman.  Eat my shorts and take that and see if you would win too.  But it wasn’t easy to keep positive in the midst of all this.

To my school pals,  if this bothers you.  click off now.  It is supposed to bother you.  But keep your humor while reading this.  I know I’m going to come out ahead in all this.  I know I have to keep a positive attitude.

But then again,  some superficial ladies leave at the drop of a hat because they are superficial and file for divorce at the drop of a hat for much less than what I had to go through here.  When they do,  we take it and take their money and pay for our life, not theirs.  Make sure they are not Catholic because in my eyes their marriage didn’t mean anything anyhow because of what they do.  They would rather spend the 3K on making their life worse and jumping to poverty than making anything work.  It is usually them, but we will take their money.  They can blame the guy all they want but it is usually them.

Our tax bill is paid but we are supposed to be moving. The second in command of the local county we live in called us at 12:54 pm today and told us that the funds had been processed.

Finally.  I just lived through the worst nightmare of my life.  My FIL died in 2013 and left us a serious mess in this house he left us.  Nothing works.  It is in serious need of renovation.

First a message to a “family friend” who may or may not get mad that I am writing this here.   We are supposed to be out of here FEB 28th.  After FEB 1st,  don’t come at all. After that,  my efforts to get you to help is moot and forget it. Mr. D,  get here.  Help us move.  Yes, I wrote that. You know who you are.  Get here. I have been waiting  for you to get here to help my hub and I and this house thing.  It has been a nightmare.  How?  I will tell you later.  Get here. It is more than important that you get here. We need help. I am brave enough to write you this.  I have to do this.   I have a lot of  furniture for you to take.  Bring money. K20.  Yes I wrote that and am sick of this whole post Harry FIL process.  I will tell you what happened when you get here.  This is the only way I can legit write to and you know it is me.   I am brave enough to not care what people think anymore because they are selfish in the first place and don’t really care anyhow.  We almost lost our house.  It was that bad.  Get here.  It is serious. It may be too late if you don’t get here in January to help us with the garage sales we are going to have. 

We are celebrating tonight. Peace on Earth and Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

I never thought I would say this but I didn’t think I would survive the last two weeks.  It has been a rollercoaster ride.  That’s why I have not been blogging here .   My HUb has been dealing with a foot wound and had to go to oxygen treatments every day to get it healed.  Diabetes sucks, but I hang in there.  

So after all  “this”  cleaning up of my FIl’s mess and this house,  it is back to filing cases and attempting to finally  finish what I call my “book”.   That is legit.

And I am going  to attempt “normal life and keep my wits about me. ”

I am going to try and enjoy the Holidays somewhat after all this.   There is too much cortisol in my brain after all this mess that we had to clean up.  I need to chill on the beach and finish this writing project, finally before venturing on to other things.

It is going to take a while to come down from all this.   It really is.

And to think we still have to clean out the master bedroom a second time. Because of this house mess,  we are not even using this room.  It is for storage.  The tub was removed by the tub company.  I am going to write this because I can and did.  We filed a suit and they removed it.  I will be in contempt if I say or write anymore here.  But I got them to remove it, those crooks.  I sued that tub company that has Step in its name.  I won.  Not bad eH?   They had to pay to remove it.   And they paid me $$.

And this is going to be the year I will remember as being very assertive and brave.  I did stuff and had to go through stuff I was scared of here.

I know how it ends, but the emotional crap doesn’t make it any easier.

I’m still married  19 years and it ticks me off why some of these women walk away when it gets tough. I didn’t do that.  Losers!  But remember if you do that,  you are not ever going to have anything that is mine because it is mine.  It is not yours.   Don’t be jealous.

One of our nameless female roommates who moved in with us at the beginning of the year left in October because she couldn’t hack the lack of AC all summer long.  Truth is this:  she used to yell, “I want Air Conditioning at the top of her lungs in the 90 degree Florida summer heat.”  She then asked me why I wasn’t filing for divorce. She did that twice to  two guys and ended up homeless after she did that.  I had enough.  I love my hub no matter what.  Spoiled lady.   I asked her to leave and she did leave. But that was after doing a few nasty things to us.  The cops were here when she moved totally out in November.  They were laughing at her, not us.  My loyalty to an ex-roomie only goes so far after I used to feel like my loyalty to my HS pals was high.  No more.  That changed after that.   She burned her bridge and was paid for it.   It was the second time I helped her.   We’re done.  My marriage means more.

So what is wrong with this house?  Why was she moaning and groaning?

Get ready for  the drama that you would have and what I am trying not to have.  Mr or Ms Perfects are going to have a lot of drama when they read this.

There’s no AC or heat.  The condenser was stolen year one, 2015. The whole AC/heat needs to be replaced.    The dishwasher broke.  You cannot use the master suite due to mold.  It has to be cleaned out and stuff needs to be donated and gutted.  There is no shower or tub.  The cabs in the kitchen need replacing.  The sink is slanted.  There’s a leak in the kitchen and you cannot do a lot of dishes there.  We have to do the dishes in the laundry slop sink.  We had to replace the fridge year two, 2016.  We had to replace the stove with a used stove in early 2017.   There’s no tile or wood floor in the living room,  only cement.  The dog wrecked the carpet, but it was going anyhow.  The dog ate the screens in year two 2015.  He broke the screen on the back porch in year one, 2014.  The attic floor has a hole in ceiling.  We had to replace the water heater.    The garage door is on its last leg.  It barely opens.  The back porch ceiling is wilting.

There may be a mouse in the house.  He squeaks at night.  It sounds like a cricket.

One side of the house needs to be cleared and the guy next door needs to fix his fence.  Our front fence gate needs replacing.  And that narrow patch of land needs leveling.  Both sides need clearing of a small amount of brush.

O yeah,  I don’t know what is in the attic.  There are two boxes left from FIL days.  The last three things I got from up there I sold for 20 bucks.  There’s still two more boxes I cannot reach.  If anyone wants to come over here and get that, be my guest.  I hope you have long arms because it is back there and near unreachable.

Last check,  I found my MIL’s old wedding dress.  It is torn and not my size.  It is 65 years old.   They died married and it is why I married my hub.  He had a serious marriage role model to follow.

About the only good thing about this house is my red Ikea furniture  office and the big bed I sleep in.  Oh, I also like how close it is to the beach and shopping at Publix our grocery store.  But that is it.

I can hear the superficial ladies bleeping about all this now.  I can hear them running to us other lawyer’s offices to go crazed for “something better”.  Immature la las.

I have a problem with them because they too usually end up worse off because they don’t use their brains and make it work.   I don’t feel sorry for them and almost don’t want to pray for them. I usually do, but don’t want to.  It is prayer with protest and rolling my eyes.   They earn what they get.  They made their choice.  Deal with it.

Exception:  Violent marriages and rape situations we file faster.  Hub does Family Law.

I am thankful we finally got a car now.  It is an old car but it runs from point A to B.

But there is no note on this house and no car note to pay.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah and I am glad this part of this tax nightmare is over and done with.

Just wait until I get to write about the bottom feeder investor dummies who were calling me and my hub up until the last minute.  They were trying to low ball offer our house.  I called every one of them back and told them that it was paid.  I have no scruples about what I did.  I yelled into the phone and taunted them because they kept harassing me. One was a lawyer and should have known better.

After the receipt was posted online,  I called two  of those freaks back and told him if he shows up in person,  I would have him physically arrested  for trespassing.  Hell,  the bill was paid might as well get the deputies to do their jobs.  But don’t worry no fires will be lit to see if the local FD shows up.

I am not going to be nice anymore in most circumstances like these.  Time to be very assertive and not take anymore crap from anyone. Hey,  Jesus drove the money changers from the temple and this is my version. He told it like it was.   My righteous anger is justified because those people need to go to jail for doing what they do.  Because of this,  I no longer will ever watch HG TV or anything like that.  NO more watching low ball offer people.

Time to go to the beach tomorrow, sometime.  I need to chill.  It is no longer hot and I need that.   People up north,  this is your spring or early fall.   That is our cold season.

Got that ?




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