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Dem Alabama Senator-elect Jones ? Dumb Bama Bubba can learn… Give him A NY pizza !! He’s smart now!

They don’t like bull crap in Alabama!  Last night was proof !
Alabama is like our next-door neighbor when you live in Florida. 

It’s like being next-door to a neighbor that you hear crap going on all the time. The eat different foods than you and you both have another neighbor that with that, well, it’s not nice. 

This is an upset for 45 Trump. Because it’s news, today is the only day you will see me posting something political like this.  

It’s the beginning of the end for Trump. 

I got a word about dumb Bubba. He can learn. He’s not totally stupid up there. 

He drives a truck but when his daughter or somebody like his daughter is attacked, or something else like that, he’s no longer dumb. He’ll run some over with the truck with the big tired. 

My husband said it very well this morning: thank you Alabama! 

I said it better Bubba can learn!


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