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Special note after reading “How full is your bucket? By Tom Rath and Don Clifton, Ph.D. I am trying to eliminate negativity on my blog. Read, please.


Where do I begin?  Let’s go deep into where you are at. Or lets get rid of the bad and kick out what is not supposed to be in this blog. Let’s do this one last last time.

Let’s get this out of my system ONE LAST TIME.


We are deep in the 2016 Election Season.  And the negative confusion is flying high. 

Sorry,  folks, I am not going to play with your bad manners game.  This time after three elections it is going to stand on the lonely and the looney of it all. 

We are also in the middle of churches flying around stating they support Trump and ALL THAT IS superficial in the spiritual life.  And what is this?  What does this mean? Where do I guess where they are at?

There is no serious dialogue with the Divine Triune Creator in a serious relationship.  To most of these people God is this: I must kneel correctly to the nice fiery God, I pray to him when I have a list,  there is no actual dialogue with tche obvious Divine Father who is Triune and Loving and all Good.

To this type of Catholic person,  it is all about watching EWTN and watching others watch them do “it”  or the latest Catholic media craze CORRECTLY , OR IT IS ABOUT OUTNUMBERING THE NEXT PERSON’S immature exterior number of children or trying to impress a God with fear and trepidation when God is already in reality, liking them and actually loving them and is impressed at their attempts but not impressed with their immaturity. These people do not know what real Christian interior peace is.  They get surprised when it happens to them.

WE ARE DONE WITH STICKING MOMMY BLOGGERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS AND PEOPLE THAT DIP from the positive in the R0man Catholic Church when they criticize priests and say over and over and ovvvverrrr again,  “the church is in crisis” or “abortion is more important that prayer because I save b aaaaybeeezzz.”

I am totally sick of dipping from them and from me when I do this.  I am done.

What else do they do?  They certainly don’t discern or dialogue with a loving God.  Their women or wives or already divorced ladies who run these men and their husbands scare even their brood over and over again.  I mean no one wants to go to church after the little woman with the “the cut” that has short bangs, buck teeth,  a bad whiny accent,  all while she is on the verge of divorce because while she supports marriage of one man and woman == she herself is on the way there to divorce because all in marriage is TOTALLY IMPURE AND PLAYS AND DANCES WITH HER LIFE THAT MAY BE CONJUGAL, BUT IS THAT ONLY IN TITLE BECAUSE SHE CONSIDERS IT IMPURE AND EVERYTHING WITH IT IMMODEST.

You know who they are.  Run from them.  They spaketh from two ends of themselves.  Nothing is ever good enough and very negative and dips from even God’s Love that is already in people who don’t need to be dipped from on any given time or day.

Mrs. Lace on the Head,  this has to stop.  Stop being such a Catholic PRISSIE AND ALLOW GOD WHO LOVES ALL TO TAKE OVER your life.  It is not about you and what you spaketh Latin in church wear and what you do.  You are a serious minority and do not have or hold the sign for whatevethehell you think is all good and should be God’s Will or look like your image of God Triune, Father, S0n and Holy Spirit.   No nut job acts like you do. They don’t look like you either.  You are the only one with that thing on your head and nervous is yours, not God’s.

Throw that  dang lace thing in the  barbeque and burn it. If you don’t I will.  And, and, GO ON WEIGHT WATCHERS.  Most of you all are fat.

THERE,  IT IS OUT AND I’m going to from now on address the positive and ask these uhm, individuals why is it they do what they do on a limited basis.

I pray this to be the last time I ever have to address or waste line time here on my blog that is supposed to be a travel and news column here.



My short review of this book:  I loved it and it changed my outlook so so much that I am choosing to change how I do blogging altogether.

People either fill you or they drain you.  We either fill ourselves by CHOICE WITH GOOD OR BAD.  Usually it is self image that pulls us around.

And we fill other buckets or others with what we do for them.  It is a psychological version of  Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 5.  It is stopped or started with Jesus Christ preaching the Beatitudes.   And it is about staying positive.

This my readers is something I need to do more of now.  I need to be more positive.  No Pollyanna here or Ms.Dowdiness or letting myself “go” or look bad, but m0ve on and move away from those who drag me and my loved friends and family DOWN.

**************WHAT STARTED THIS? *******************

This may be too personal to share but here goes. I am going to do this without the drama that may or may not go on inside my heart or soul or head.  When you get to my 53,  we tend to kick that out for brevity sake and to get stuff done and in the name of clarity and good.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the priests who was at our wedding in 1998 carpooled with us and drove us to an afternoon picnic  ,  a REUNION OF THE OLD SINGLES GROUP HUB AND I USED TO BELONG TO and all.    It was more than appreciated.  This was after my TOR friar friend died six months ago. I knew that other guy since I was little.   I had been going easy on the how shall I say deep stuff while mourning his Easter death for six months.  And I figured everyone around here went easy on me because of it.  But after the heat of the summer and no air conditioning and Scott’s diabetes surgeries on his feet,   our Dear Father who is like our older brother who is Father actually showed up and offered to get us out of the heat of our house that is still falling apart for a day.  It was worth it and we are grateful.  It was a big deal because Scott has just started to get out and seriously recover while hopping around with a walker after surgery.

We only went north of Tampa for a few hours because he had to be back in his parish in Tampa.  He may drive fast  uh like us and actually found out that we take road trips differently when he or someone else drives.  Laugh.  I did.  Ah, but,  I still bring my black hat, Ipod,  sunglasses and sit in the back seat with a grin and ‘tude on my face.  It was revealing because I had to behave and not hang out the window like when it is just us. Priests do not play music loud like us.  Oh, I wanted to do so.  That’s why I brought the Ipod which I had glaring in my earbuds VERY LOUD FATHER, WADDYA SAY? HUH?

And most of my serious close pals would pay money to be a fly inside the inside of that car to get the inside dialogue on that one.  Nah,  go home.  I behaved and did not stick my feet out the window like usual.

Dear Very Reverend Father: thanks we needed it.  We hope the chicken wings were good.

There,  I wrote it and did not name names here.  So brave of me.  NO DRAMA.

But this was the precursor to my reading this book.  It was the precursor to the new and hopefully a more positive self here.

Ever have real spiritual pals who support you and pray for you BEYOND THE SUPERFICIAL?

We do.

I am done with this Election because we at our house do not have TV or internet right now.

I cannot stand the negativity and how it drains my spiritual life.  Standing for Trump or not standing for Trump does not add to my prayer life or spiritual bucket on a daily basis.  I will vote.  But you people on the blogs and other looney stuff will not micromanage me in any way.   You will no longer drain my bucket in any way.

The next entry on

will be on Election night 2016 or the morning afterwards.  I am done with politics for the life of me.

I am also done with trying to do everything in my spiritual life CORRECTLY.  How about a little surrender or perseverance  which serves a loving God Triune who actually has a better sense of humor than those stuffed Latin Mass stuffed shirts with no sense of humor and loads of negativity.

Jerry Diener, Sr., my  late Father who died in 94 said it best.  Little old lady or Mr. Stuffed Shirt crew cut is sitting there in church struggling to say the Rosary their book prayers correctly.

God comes down and tries to intro Himself first by saying,”I LOVE YOU.” They look away and scowl with a face because that is private revelation.


Stay positive my friends.  It is worth your while here.

O yeah,  read the book.









I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .