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Truth Monday: why 52 yr old me hates even seeing ditzy helpless women.

What ever happened to ladies who can do for themselves?   I start to wonder. 

Why did I bother to even learn?   Or it is usually that you ladies who cannot fix anything make us look very good. 

Don’t they know men make fun of them behind their back?   They even drink behind their back and lie and cheat and steal from them in ways I don’t even want to write about here.


With the right tools,  I can fix what some guys are afraid to do.  Add the blessing that my late Dad was an engineer and mandated that I NOT BE HELPLESS. 

But when I answer the phone,  why is there a little girl woman on the other end  who sounds like a little girl?

#I start to wonder if we can do anything for them?

Maybe for Lent I can help their self esteem in some ways.  But other ways they are the ones who are going to want to have to help themselves.

Enter the problem of misogyny and putting women down or women thinking that men like a dumb broad.

Never here.




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